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Chaithanya Rakuen

A bunch of minimalistic music notes perfectly sewed up to make a tone and a handful of words jumbled in the simplest way possible is something that you possibly can’t let go. You hold these artworks as close as a lucky charm to your heart like it is the only worthy possession you own. Like an artist, who draws inspiration from the unlikeliest of things for his art and perfects it with his own myriad imagination, your world is quite picturesque and arresting than the outside world.

If these lines describe you best … then read further and you are in for a treat. You relate to music, books, and art better maybe because those songs and books understand you like no one else and perfectly makes a conversation with your soul. Just like music, books, and art, Rakuen has always understood you, your personality and your inclination towards minimalism and is offering a whole new glimpse of your universe.

Chaithanya Rakuen, based on the Japanese Zen school of thought, is a place conceptualised to be a veritable paradise garden of simplicity and harmony. It is an epitome of essence and space and yet respects your privacy. It is where everything is in order quite simply, quite effortlessly.

Rakuen is an address for the chosen few, where you dive into your rich inner world of ideas, quite seamlessly. Rakuen is a home which tends to become your “playground of ideas”. A home that lets you recharge. A home that lets you choose to build a social life, or to ride solo. You are destined to find solace in as minimalistic chores as anything such as gazing at the supernatural pattern formation on the timeless travertines that adores the exterior walls for years together or find nerve soothing delight in the quaint scenery from the comforts of your living room.

Welcome to Rakuen… Welcome to your lair.




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