Chaithanya Sharan – Red Carpet To Inner Sanctum Of Bliss

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Chaithanya Sharan – Red Carpet To Inner Sanctum Of Bliss

Transcending to tranquillity has never been this easy. As you get past the gates of Chaithanya Sharan, you are spellbound at the relative ease of making yourselves at home in an enchanted land you are bound to call paradise. You are greeted to a tropical setting with a whiff of greenness wafting in the air, thanks to purpose-planted trees discharging abundance of oxygen to keep you charged. The finely-curated lawns peppered with intrinsically-chiselled statues and artworks pray for your attention and appreciation. But then, your gaze switches to the majestic, yet graceful Balinese themed contemporary architecture in the form of 27 premium villas… All waiting to be marvelled. The twin figurines, placed beside the entry portal of the high compounds, called as Dwarpalas are native to the Java-Balinese culture where they believe, would ward off the negative energies of the person entering the compound. Welcome to superlative living… where you attain the bliss you always sought after. Chaithanya Sharan is a combination of the legendary traditional Balinese aesthetic principles, renowned artistry and craftsmanship of its people, as well as international architecture influences, new techniques and trends to create a self-sustaining, eco-inspired living community. Balinese architecture is in vogue and is today the most popular Asian tropical architecture of all. It is here in Sharan, Chaithanya has translated the need to seek harmony with the environment through brick, stone and mortar. Chaithanya Sharan has been conceived keeping the four guiding principles of Balinese architecture in focus. i) A good ventilation system: At Chaithanya Sharan luxury villas, big windows are used to give full attention to air circulation. A large free space between the roof and wall is also created. ii) Strong foundation: Based on the Tri Loka philosophy, the human body is similar to a house – with a strong foundation, such as the feet for humans, a house will have tremendous strength. iii) Massive yard: Articulating the concept of being in harmony with nature, Chaithanya Sharan gated community features vast open areas for the residents to commune with the natural surroundings. and iv) A guarding wall: A high wall protects each of the Sharan homes from public view, providing privacy and protection. Sharan Gated boasts of some distinctive Bali-themed design traits such as KulKul – Tall tapering structure that channels positive earth energies, Koi Pond – It is essential to have a landscaped garden with tropical decorative flora and fauna that merge with the nature in this design philosophy, Twin statues or Dwarpalas welcoming you on either side of the villa. These prominent and unique details earmark the essence of traditional Balinese style that has been incorporated amongst many other traits in a bliss called Chaithanya Sharan. A typical Balinese home features a compound of interconnected pavilions with built and unbuilt sections to serve different functions. One pavilion houses the kitchen, while another houses the master bedroom, and another being the family shrine, and so on. These subtle nuances of Balinese architecture have been consolidated in Chaithanya Sharan to recreate the experience of residential living in Bali, in Bangalore. Everything, to the minutest detail, has been well thought over to make Chaithanya Sharan, the inhabitant’s paradise. Chaithanya Sharan row houses are the ultimate effort to provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere that forces its dwellers to reflect and be one with earth. Despite the visible marriage of tradition and modernity in architecture at Chaithanya Sharan luxury gated community, the distinct philosophies of Balinese architecture are still in place as the top priority. With design elements of plants, flowers, natural construction materials, and large open spaces, staying in a Balinese-themed Chaithanya Sharan luxury villa is the perfect way to unwind, contemplate, and truly enjoy Mother Nature.



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