Chaithanya Samarth
Thoughtfully crafted 3 and 4 bedroom independent villas. A community of 163 families and 36 acres of beautiful landscape cautiously away from the noise, but just about close to prime locations, near Budigere crossroads, Bangalore
Perfected Innovations abound in these villas
Designed thoughtfully just for you
Discover your personal retreat where you can indulge in entertaining your guests in a private garden or unwind yourself on a private terrace.
When you live at Samarth, the joy of finding private spaces both inside the jewel of your house and outside with the acres of greens is yours to keep.
Your Home Your Home Your Home
Experience the wide-open windows that let in the sun and fresh air across.
Not a lot of Real Assets investments can claim to be professional investments with the same gusto as they can promise you life-long friendships.
At Samarth, your neighbourhood is the exclusive space shared only with other visionaries like yourself.
We’d tell you stories of discovering your next co-founder while walking your dog in the evening, or re-discovering a common love for Golf with your neighbour, but we’ll let you explore these stories yourselF.
Thoughtful Living
Luxury enriched by innovations is the best luxury of all! With a focus on giving back to the planet as world citizens, we have designed our homes to be solar powered and armed them with rain-water harvesting technologies.
A near Zero Electricity and Zero Water Bill and give back to the planet with a minimal carbon-footprint.
Active Living
When you live at Samarth, you are experiencing the bounties of years of research from across the globe that culminates into the Sciences of Living Well.
Starting from the science of how natural air and sunlight impacts your health.
It has influenced the many open spaces around you, or the science of sweating that inspired the Cycling route and the Aqua Retreats amongst other escapes.
See the Science of Senior Care come into action as you see thoughtfully designed spaces that give your parents the room to rest and exercise in open avenues while still being in your field of view.
Key Amenities
Independent Villas
Acres of Landscaped Gardens
Acres of Landscaped Gardens
Sustainable Design – Solar Powered
Pet Zones
Yoga Hall
Cycling & Jogging Tracks
Oval Parks & Pitstops
36 Acres of Community Area
Chaithanya Samarth’s Location
  • The Bangalore airport is less than half-an-hour away from Chaithanya Samarth
  • The road connects to two National Highways
  • It is conveniently Situated on the 100 feet road
  • Close proximity to KIADB 2 Aerospace
Chaithanya Samarth's
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Visionaries of Chaithanya

Anup Bhattacharya

If I had not gotten that warm and fuzzy feeling with them, I would not have invested in their next project. We like the openness and the greenspace, we like the walks we take in the mornings and the evenings. It’s beautiful here, the difference in the quality of air and water inside the community, we like Samarth.


Manjunath Shenoy

The design is excellent! I am still surprised by the amount of greenery they have, a great balance, perfect for my family. They’ve created a community here that has a soul, I don’t know how they managed that but everyone here is so wonderful, it all fits in beautifully.



It doesn’t feel like business! You see the growth curve, and you want to continue investing with them. It feels, personal. And then there’s the landscaping, the layout of the plan, the like minded people, what’s not to love!


Shilpa Sukanand

It’s not just about connecting with people, it’s the community here, we learn from each other, grow, get inspired with such brilliance. It’s like the best brains of the country have gotten together here. We feel lucky! Everyday, we feel thankful, to have our kids grow up in a community like this.

*Names and pictures changed to protect the privacy of our residents
About Us
20 Years
Real Estate
Acres of Land
2.2 million (Sft)
Crafted Home
achieving perfection through design and engineering
Thoughts from Our Leadership

" When we get on to really designing or intend to make a home for somebody, we keep their wellness, wellbeing and prosperity of the family at the core of our design philosophy.

Each space fosters health and prosperity, each one covers the finer details. In a strange yet positive way, the spaces have a say in the life of people, though people do not often recognise it. We recognize their importance, we're attuned to them.

Samarth, the change

What we bring is the aura itself; of the whole community, reinforced with the wellbeing of family, bringing harmony and bliss.

Our years of experience has made this process art as well as science. We are the manifestation."