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Water Harvesting At Chaithanya

At Chaithanya, water conservation is practised with the conviction of a passion more than a slogan and it shows. Every Chaithanya community has meticulous strategies implemented and activities charted to conserve this precious natural resource. Sustainability is the key to survival in the longer run. After all, it’s our duty to do our bit to protect the environment and Mother Nature. Chaithanya employs one of the most efficient water harvesting installation mechanisms in its premises not only to meet the current and future human demand in the community but also aid the plant life growing abundantly on the property. There are various strategies and activities in place to sustainably manage the natural resource of fresh water and to keep the ground water table high at all times. Water harvesting in Chaithanya happens through three different steps with roof rainwater harvesting being the primary step. The rainwater is collected from an individual villa in the community and channelized to the percolation pits through a pipeline network, recharging the ground water table in the long run. Surface Rainwater harvesting mechanism also is employed to effectively retain the excess rain water from flowing off the community. Custom made water percolation pits or storm water drains are placed in strategic locations across the community for the surface rain water to flow in, thereby retaining the precious water inside the community at all times. Chaithanya also engages Grey water harvesting technology quite effectively. This is where grey water or sullage from sinks, showers, baths, clothes washing machines or dishwashers is filtered and again channelized back to the ground. Through this method, there is a dramatic increase in the subsoil moisture content in the area. Since the grey water is rich in nutrition (potassium and nitrates), it aids the faster and lusher growth of vegetation eventually keeping the community cooler at all times. Crores of litres of water are retained in the community each year with Chaithanya enlisting these cutting edge water harvesting technology in its premises. This eventually translates to a water-rich community with no dearth of water despite the scarcity of water in the city during the long dry months.



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