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Chaithanya Samarth – Simply Sustainable Sophistication

Leading a sophisticated life at your sustainable best is an art that can put any tightrope walker to shame. The words sophistication and sustainability could sound oxymoronic if used in the same breath. But not here at Chaithanya Samarth where both sophistication and sustainability have been incorporated quite seamlessly in a design language that offers rich tribute to Mother Nature. Samarth solar-powered gated community is an outcome of a vision that was conceived purely with the knowledge acquired through decades in pursuit of excellence which in turn has been perfected by life insights. Samarth is where science meets art in the most literal sense and where conservation takes precedence over profligacy. It is here that sustainability is practised like a virtue than a slogan. Technology has been strategically employed in the community with an aim to bettering the quality of life for the residents and that of the ecosystem that surrounds them. Samarth is a manifestation of green living, complete with efficient 3-stage rainwater harvesting; progressive energy management by harnessing solar power to light up the entire community and giving it back to the grid when not in use; and a cutting edge sewerage treatment plant. Keeping in mind that physical health and mental wellbeing goes hand in hand, Chaithanya has left no stone unturned to make sure that it reflects at Samarth. The gated community delivers the feeling of a spa complete with an Aqua Retreat, Foot Reflexology therapy pathways, purpose-built jogging and cycle tracks and several playgrounds. Chaithanya Samarth is truly is an ode to nature with its lush landscape featuring several hundred species of indigenous plants and trees. Be assured at Samarth, walls are meant to liberate and not confine, and windows provide you with a perspective more than the view. These details are what makes Samarth a resort, an idler’s paradise, a jogger’s delight, a naturalist’s dreamscape or as a privileged few would call it, home. With a shift in design thinking centred around environmental responsibility, Chaithanya homes are proof that you don’t need to sacrifice luxury to deliver a world class sustainable experience that is friendly to the planet. Come visit Chaithanya Samarth to undergo this unique experience and live the moment… Always in pursuit of bringing the best to you!!!


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