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Chaithanya Samarth – Simply Sustainable Sophistication

Leading a sophisticated life at your sustainable best is an art that can put any tightrope walker to shame. The words sophistication and sustainability could sound oxymoronic if used in the same breath. But not here at Chaithanya Samarth where both sophistication and sustainability have been incorporated quite seamlessly in.
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Water Harvesting At Chaithanya

At Chaithanya, water conservation is practised with the conviction of a passion more than a slogan and it shows. Every Chaithanya community has meticulous strategies implemented and activities charted to conserve this precious natural resource. Sustainability is the key to survival in the longer run.
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Chaithanya Villas : Refined Dwelling Redefined

Chaithanya Projects is recognised as India’s finest and most respected real estate company leveraging creativity and augmenting life to the fullest while keeping it as simple as possible. Every Chaithanya home is thoughtfully designed to be living spaces that concentrate on what is most important – family. Combining location, needs,.
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Luxury Villas In Whitefield

For some green isn't just another color, but a lifestyle. A way of living that is kinder to the planet. At Samarth this belief has inspired us to create a lush,tropical villa community where nature and innovation walk hand in hand. Where the gift of solar energy lights up our.
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Chaithanya Ananya

Chaithanya Armadale

Chaithanya Oak Ville

Chaithanya Rakuen

Chaithanya Samarath

Chaithanya Sharan

Chaithanya Samarpan

Chaithanya Smaran

Chaithanya Swojas

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